Home visits to the children with disability done by mentors with disability

Did you know that visiting children with disabilities can make any change? In Rwanda, we have some NGOs that deal with changing thought of the community about disability like the National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), Rwanda, H.R.D (Handicapé Rwandais Réhabilité Réintégré Dans ses Droits), Uwezo Youth empowerment, and others whereby all of them have the purpose of fulfilling the right of persons with disability.
Uwezo youth empowerment is one of those NGOs that deals with the right of people with disabilities, but for them, they mainly focus on children and youth with disabilities. So, one of the things they do is changing how people think about disability like disability is not inability whereby they train youth who have disabilities as mentors as to visit those children and youth with disability for the purpose of mentorship. The youth with disability normally visits children at home, whereby they talk to the children with disability face to face and help them to decide what to be done on his or her life and they do this for the purpose of letting these children talk for themselves.
When these youth with a disability visits children with disability, they give time to these children and talk about the issues they daily face and how they can be solved, whereby they find the problem children are facing, youth after talking to these children talk with the entire family, and the community so as to find the best solution to the problem-oriented
As one of the Mentors said; visiting these children helps them to know how to solve those issues whereby talking to these children face to face makes them know the exact problem that is there talked about by the one who is affected and this makes them be able to talk to the community, social affairs and other members of government officials with true facts and showing what they think can be done based on how these children have shown them and are able to find solutions where it is possible.

And one of the children who have disabilities said that; being visited by these youth helps them be free to talk all they daily face either positive or negative because they are among the most of the people this child trust and feel they can tell them everything. not only that but also these children look at those mentors as their sisters and brothers, so that’s makes them feel free to tell them all they want as well as express themselves to them
Even though this is good to both of them, but Mentors said that they are some challenges they face like where they find children with disability not going to school because of accessibility whereby roads from their homes to school are not accessible, and also some infrastructures at school are not accessible not only schools but also their homes to the fact that most of these families are poor and they are not able to provide every need for their children with disability and another big challenge they face on this field is that they are some families who see them as doners and believe that these youth visits them so as to provide each and everything they need and this some time limit them to talk to these children because some of these parents don’t allow them to talk to their children just because they want them to first provide something for them.

To conclude, home visits to the children with disability done by youth with disabilities as mentors are very important to these children by they are able of changing mindset of teachers, directors and all participants at school whereby most of them after these visits they try all they can to always be around in case these children needs anything, solving some issues these children face at school and others. Also, these visits help a lot these children to the facts that most of them after these visits are able to participate in their families either in activities or giving their opinion and also, these visits improve love between these children with disability and their parents or relatives. Mostly, these home visits improve corroboration with government officials and other organizations to advocate for the right of these children with disabilities which is positively affect them by solving issues faced by them.



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